Sara is an international award winning newborn photographer and video director with a passion for capturing life’s artful moments.


About Madison Colt Studios

Artful memories chronicle lives and Madison Colt Studios is here to capture life’s little moments. Pure craftsmanship, our photography sessions offer an experience that takes you away from the typical posed studio shots. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a level of photography that captures the raw emotion, natural love and affection you experience throughout your daily interactions. We strive to create conversation pieces that have a timeless, artfully crafted feel.

When it comes to being able to capture those special moments in their full beauty, we ensure that each and every image captures the moment in its purest form. These special moments in time will only be something that you will get one chance at experiencing. Madison Colt Studios knows that these moments are some of the most valuable times you can have in your life.


Choose our fine art portrait photography for those moments in life that you wish would last a life time. When it comes to capturing the image of your new born, wedding, or if you want premium portraits of those you care about, Madison Colt Studios is the name you can trust.


Contact us today and let us create an artful memory for you!